Allter Organic Bamboo Diaper, Large Size,L 24 Count- Super Dry, Quick Absorb and eco Friendly

Rs. 849.00 Regular price Rs. 999.00
  • 100% Bamboo Pulp Core Diaper
  • Extra Soft and Snug Fit,super Dry, Quick Absorb, Free Of Harsh Chemicals, Organic Certified Bamboo, Fragrance Free
  • Cloth Like Topsheet, Super Dry Layer, Certified Organic Bamboo Pulp Core, Velcro Side Tape, Breathable Back Sheet, Wetness Indicator, No Leak Cuffs
  • Fragrance free (no added chemicals)
  • Wetness indicator

Soft and snug, like a mother’s hug, .allter baby diapers are a perfect combination of the goodness of natural fiber with the ease of disposable diapers. Allter diapers are made up of 100% Bamboo Pulp core, which makes them gentle not only for your baby, but for the environment too.