Aquawhite™ The Jungle Book Power X Battery Toothbrush for Kids, Age 3+ years.

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  • aquawhite is the Exclusive & Official license holder of The Jungle Book for oral-care category
  • The vibrating handle and head effectively removes plaque and simulates the gums
  • Soft Dupont Tynex end-rounded bristles are gentle on teeth and gums
  • Ergonomic colorful handle in kids favourite character is designed for comfortable grip in the tiny hands
  • aquawhite Power X toothbrush comes with 1no. replaceable battery

An exciting yet comfortable experience goes a long way in ensuring the habit of brushing for two minutes twice a day in kids at a young age which is instilled in them for a lifetime. Get the right start with aquawhite Power X kids toothbrush and make Mowgli your child’s favourite Brush-Mate. aquawhite Power X The Jungle Book toothbrush is ready to power through your child’s first lesson in healthy brushing and good dental hygiene habits. Most infection-causing bacteria are located between the teeth and gums, but not on its surface. To keep little mouths healthy, a thorough cleaning is must - twice a day, without any exceptions. Power X toothbrush gently massages the child’s gums, improves blood circulation and removes bacteria that could cause future health problems. Brushing with the small round brush head with extra soft central cup bristles from dupont tynex is the perfect start and end to your child’s oral care routine. Its ergonomically designed handle is made especially for tiny hands to hold comfortably so by the end of two minutes, those tiny, shiny pearls make you a proud mum. Wash and reuse up to 3 months without worrying about water seeping into it. Keeping kids’ safety and mummies’ concern in mind, aquawhite have ensured the toothbrush is waterproof and shockproof