BODYCARE Insider Kids Thermal/Winter Wear/Cotts/Warmer for Girls and Boys, Set of 1 Upper and 1 Lower White 40cm 6-12 months

Rs. 375.00
  • Crafted by skilled personnel using state-of-the-art technology to ensure for wearing. Bodyhugging fit
  • Give your kid's body excellent warmth even during coldest of conditions. Provides insulation and wicks moisture away from the body
  • Polyfill is quilted between two layers of cotton to give a softness of cotton and warmth of polyfill

Bodycare Insider Cozy Soft Kids (Boys and Girls) Thermals. Stretchable, Breathable and Lightweight. One of the best known brand in the Kids line, Bodycare thermals are the best selling thermals in the Industry. Known for their superior quality, high durability and best protection from winters. Give your kids the loving warmth of Bodycare Thermals.