R for Rabbit Premium First Feed Baby Feeding Spoon Ultra Soft Food Grade Silicone Bottle for Cereals for Infant Baby 4 Months Plus PINK

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  • Safety 1st: First Feed Silicone Feeder is made of Food Grade Silicone Material which is BPA Free. It's absolutely safe to feed your child.
  • Soft Spoon: Baby feeder comes with soft silicone feeder which makes it easy to intake the food/liquid and will not hurt the baby’s gums
  • Easy To Use: First Feed Feeder can be used by simply holding it with one hand and pressing the soft silicone container to bring food on the spoon and feed the baby.
  • Dust cover: It comes with a dust cover to keep the spoon hygienic.
  • For Mix Of Foods: This baby spoon feeder can be used to feed juices, cereal, mashed rice, veggies, all kinds of semi-solids and so on.