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Key Features

    • 100% Cotton Fabric with 210 Thread Count

    • Removable Mosquito Net protects baby while sleeping

    • Sturdy Foam Filling in the mattress and bumper to protect the baby

    • Additional Detachable Soft Toys for Baby

  • Use during Sleep Time, Play Time and Tummy Time

Up until their toddler years, babies spend more time sleeping than awake, so preparing a comfortable sleeping environment should be a priority for any parent. Our product has been crafted to induce quality sleep during the day and through the night, keeping in mind the overall well-being of a baby in their primary years. Based on our in depth research, our skillfully selected composition of colours will help build specific characteristics to nurture your childs future growth. Babies are born ready to absorb everything around them. The critical stages of development in the first year encourage learning and positive emotional, mental, and physical health. Be sure to create an environment that stimulates the senses, enhances development, and aids in the ultimate goal of restful sleep

Multipurpose Mosquito Net Mattress Set...

Straight from Baby Heaven !

Our mosquito net mattress set is truly God sent! Crafted meticulously by our angel workers this mattress set solves alot of your problems. The mosquito net keeps all the pesky mosquitoes and insects away while your baby sleeps peacefully. The net is removable and converts the mattress set into a play area for your baby. The bumper along the mattress protects your baby from rolling over. The bumper too is detachable for easy storing purposes of the set. Whats more, the set comes with two soft toys that can be attached to the net during sleep time and and can be removed easily to play with during play time. Get this all year round bedding essential for your baby ! 


Type  - Bedding

Design  -  Chick

Age  -  0 to 6 Months

Fabric  - 100% Cotton Fabric with Foam Mattress, Pillow and Toys with Polyester Fibre

Size  -  Mattress -  21" x  40'',   Net  -  25" x  51'',  U pillow  - 18" x  14'',   Bumper  -   4.5" x  106''

Includes -  1  Mattress,  1  Mosquito Net,  1  U Pillow, 1  Bumper  &  2  Toys

Wash Care Instructions

Dry clean only