Farlin Baby Healthy Supporting Maternity Belt

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Product description

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Product description

Farlin- Maternity Belt

It is made of natural rubber and high-class terylene knitting extensively yarn through fitting, Good elasticity, fine permeation property, long lasing without deformation. Protecting the fetus from miscarriage, relieve the backache and discomfort of pregnancy. Extensible fabric at surface, able to be fitted at will. Breathable, Natural rubber made, Good elasticity and support, Relieves discomfort of pregnancy.


From the Manufacturer


Provides Great Support During Advanced Pregnancy Stage

Pregnancy period is a beautiful phase in a women's life that brings in new hope and fills life with happiness. But often one needs to go through a lot of discomforts as the baby gains weight inside. Using Farlin baby supporting maternity belt, you can get rid of such discomforts. This maternity belt helps in relieving you from backache and provides optimum support to your womb and the baby. Along with comfortable support, Farlin baby maternity belt made of natural rubber offers commendable elasticity. It is also effective in preventing miscarriage issues.

Unmatched Durability

Easy to wear and remove, the Farlin baby healthy maternity belt features breathable material and adjustable length. It offers a snug fit and has good permeation property. The Farlin supporting maternity belt is extremely durable and long lasting and can withstand every day wear and tear without getting deformed due to regular use. Available at best price, it has seamless terylene knitting. Widely used during pregnancy, this maternity belt is very popular for effective reduction of mobility inconvenience usually faced during later stages of pregnancy. Known for best-in-class design, you can easily adjust the length as per your requirement.

  • Brand: Farlin
  • Type: Maternity belt
  • Ideal for: Additional support to avoid pregnancy discomforts
  • Design: Breathable material and easy to fit design
  • Surface fabric is extensible and provides ultimate comfort