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The Gift of Love and Care!


A grandchild, niece, nephew, or a friend’s bundle of joy, babies have their own beautiful way of bringing happiness into your world. You discover a unique bond with this little one. And, such special connections need a special token of love.

What better way to express your love than with a thoughtful Himalaya gift pack?

Infused with the, goodness of herbs, Himalaya BabyCare products are developed with the perfect synergy of Ayurveda and modern science to provide ‘Gentle, Safe, and Researched’ care for your baby.

baby massage oil (100 ml)
baby bath (200 ml)
baby powder (200 g)
gentle baby shampoo (100 ml)
baby lotion (100 ml)
baby cream (100 ml)
gentle baby soap (125 g) 2 units
gentle baby wipes (72s)
diaper rash cream (20 g)

Product description

Style:Set of 9

A gift of love for babies the new range of baby skincare products from Himalaya Herbals translates care into protection for your baby. This baby gift pack offers a whole range of products attractively put together in a compact, re-usable basket. With products like baby cream 50ml, baby massage oil 100ml, baby powder 200g, diaper rash cream 20g, gentle baby wipes 72 count, gentle baby shampoo 100ml and 2 PC gentle baby soap 125g, baby lotion 100 ml, gental baby bath 200 ml, baby cream 100 ml this Himalaya babycare gift basket is a perfect present for baby showers or naming ceremonies. All these products are dermatologically tested and proven clinically mild enough for daily use on your baby's gentle skin. This gift basket for kids is also ideal for your own little one's use.

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