Himalaya Toning Massage Oil 500ML

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Rejuvenate your body by reducing stress.

Toning Massage Oil

Toning Massage Oil


Tones and firms skin. Relieves stress and pain.

Aloe Vera - Country Mallow - Sesame Oil - Winter Cherry

Much-Needed Post Pregnancy Pampering for Your Body


Massage is an effective and proven remedy to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, and help your body recover post pregnancy.

The Care of Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil

Discover a stronger body and firmer skin with Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil. Feel rejuvenated and relaxed with the soothing aroma of Lavender that uplifts your mood and stimulates your senses.

Packed with Nature’s Goodness:

Apply Himalaya FOR MOMS toning massage oil gently all over the body, slowly massaging it in before bathing. For best results, include this in your daily massage routine.