Hopop Spiral Paper Stem Black Charcoal Cotton Buds Swabs, 100 Pcs

Rs. 179.00
  • Black charcoal: Anti-Bacterial, environmental-friendly, hygienic, firm and durable
  • Hopop black charcoal cotton buds have been specially designed for your baby, but are suitable for the entire family
  • Spiral design - easy to use in removing the dirt, reach the cleaning effect
  • 100% high quality, organic cotton, which is safe and non-toxic double tipped swab
  • The cotton swab is easy to use and convenient

Product description

Hopop Spiral Paper Stem Black Charcoal Cotton Buds are antibacterial, made of active carbon (Charcoal is known to extract oil & dirt), so you can safely use them on your baby. It is important to protect your baby from any infection or possible ailments. In order to ensure proper and hygienic cleaning of the ear and naval Hopop Spiral Black Charcoal Cotton Buds is an important product. The swab cleans the surface of the ear and the naval gently. The best part is that it can be used by the entire family.