Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat

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This Tummy Time Mat is a perfect tool for tummy time activity filled with water and air. Attractive sea creatures grab babies’ attention

Newborns spend a lot of time on their backs during their first moments of life. Spending some time on their belly will help baby start to recognize and practice movements to get them ready to crawl, stand, and eventually walk.

Benefits of Tummy Time:

Builds upper body strength such as neck, shoulders, arms, core muscles, etc.

Development of motor skills.

  • Prevent the flat spots on baby’s head.
  • Encourage timely growth.

Expose baby to new sights and positions

Benefits of Tummy Time Mat:

  • Proved that babies are fascinated with bright colors, sharp contrasts and cute   floating fish.
  • Makes them fully occupied. Helps in Vision and Brain development.
  • Improves the time spent on tummy with each day.
  • Prepping them to crawl.
  • Babies can now have fun with water without getting wet.
  • Non-toxic material.
  • Leak proof
  • Easy setup by blowing air in the outer ring and fill water in the inner mat.