Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes (80 Scented Baby Wipes, Pack of 3) - Plant Based Fabric

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  • 98% water wipes - newborn delicate skin is advised to clean with pure water & cotton
  • Suitable from birth - our wipes are purest water based wipes making it suitable for newborns even
  • Baby's skin is 10 times more delicate than adult skin which makes it prone to rashes and infections
  • Natural care with aloe vera and vitamin e, ph balanced, extra moisture

Product Description

Hello all mother’s out there. Mother Sparsh understand your concern about baby’s health & hygiene so specially for your baby’s delicate skin, we have designed 98% Water Wipes - as good as pure water & cotton that provide gentle sparsh to your baby hence keeping your baby comfortable, happy & smiling. Our wipes are developed under expert’s supervision and contain quality ingredients that gently cleanse your baby’s supple, soft and delicate skin without causing irritation, uneasiness, allergy and infection. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are “Proven for Preventing Diaper Rashes”.

More Reasons to Love Mother Sparsh - Indian Ayurvedic Baby Care Brand

We are infused with our cultural wisdom i.e Ayurveda. Our Amazing Products are enriched with goodness of Ayurvedic herbs making them suitable to be used right from birth.

98% Water Wipes

Our Wipes are, “As good as Pure Water & Cotton”, perfect for maintaining Cleansing & Hygiene of baby’s mild & sensitive skin.

Hypo-allergenic (Non-allergenic)

Our Wipes are Hypo-allergenic (Non-allergenic) so totally safe for baby’s supple, soft and delicate skin.

Suitable from Birth

Nothing beats the purity & serenity of water, Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes provide purest care to your baby without causing any redness, allergy or irritation on your baby skin.

As good as Pure Water & Cotton

Mother Sparsh, 98% Water Wipes are as good as pure water and Cotton, mild and gentle on baby’s skin. It is free from Alcohol & Parabens. Properties like pH balanced, Hypo-allergenic, Extra Moisture, Proven for effectiveness makes it suitable for baby right from birth. Along with this, Natural Care of Aloe-Vera and Vitamin E makes it perfect for baby’s skin.