Mothercare All We Know Baby Cotton Wool Pleat

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  • Soft cotton wool pleat that cares for your baby's skin as you use it to clean them
  • Brilliantly thick and absorbent to clean up moisture without being harsh
  • Perforated design allows you to tear off only what you need
  • Stays strong even when wet
  • 100 percent cotton is naturally soft and gentle to delicate skin

Product description


The Mothercare All We Know Baby Cotton Wool Pleat has been developed in association with midwives and is perfect for cleaning your little one without having to bathe them – ideal for newborns. The pleat is cleverly perforated so you won't need to tear off more than you need. The 100 percent cotton Mothercare Baby Cotton Wool Pleat is strong even when it's wet, so it won't fall apart as you're using it. Its naturally absorbent nature means that it cleans up even the tiniest bit of unwanted moisture or dirt without needing to be harsh on precious skin.