Orapple Fruit Slicer Toy For Kids

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Orapple Fruit Slicer Toy For Kids 

Give expansion to your child’s creativity & imagination with Orapple Fruit Slicer 2 for kids which are not just cute colorful fruits but they can be sliced with the help of a wooden knife. Fruit slicer wooden toy for kids helps child to enjoy the playtime by slicing the cute fruits making them feel mature and get engaged in the role-play games. It contains 4 wooden fruits, 1 wooden knife and 1 wooden chopping board, the wooden fruits are joint together with Velcro tape and can be cut into pieces with the help of wooden knife.

Key Feature

  • Safety 1st : Orapple’s Fruit Slicer 2 for kids is Safety Certified with EN71 and BIS 1493 under which colors on toy are examined and tested properly for its chemical composition and content.

  • Cute Fruits: Cute colourful fruits with no sharp edges can be divided into pieces with help of wooden knife

  • Fine Motor Skills: While the child holds the knife and cut the fruits it boosts the fine motor skills and helps in hand exercise

  • Cognitive Skills: Fruit Slicer 2 helps the child to touch and feel the different shaped fruits which helps the child to develop cognitive skills

  • Imagination booster: Child can slice the fruits and use it in the role play games which boosts creativity and imagination of child