Philips Avent Breast Pumps Manual Breast Pump

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  • More comfortable pumping position due to unique design
  • Soft massage cushion with warm feel
  • Includes our Natural nipple for natural latch on
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Express, Store and Feed in One
  • Intuitive assembly, easy visual matching of parts
  • Compatible with other Philips Avent feeding products

Product description


The Philips Avent Breast Pumps (Manual Breast Pump) is a manual style breast pump from the house of Philips, which is a leading technology company and it has been improving people's lives all over the world from the time of its inception. They have various types of personal care products, household products, sound and vision products, lighting products, mother and childcare products, accessories and more, available for customers. The Avent Breast Pump is a mother and child care product from Philips. If you want to buy this breast pump, make sure you compare offers on this product by various retailers who sell baby products online and are listed on Junglee.

It allows you to relax and sit comfortably while you pump. This manual and natural breast pump from Philips lets you sit comfortably, while you pump. You need not lean forward for smooth flow of milk because this pump's angled neck allows you to do the same. You can also operate the small sized pump with the help of a single hand.

Massage cushion enhances milk flow. The Philips Avent manual breast pump comes with a velvet soft cushion and five textured petal like shapes. The cushion works on the basis of your baby's suckling patterns and thus helps in enhancing the flow of milk.

The pump helps you store your baby's meals. Since the breast pump is lightweight and compact, you can carry and use it any time. Furthermore, it is compatible with any other Philips Avent product. So, you can pump as per your convenience and store it for feeding your baby later on. Cleaning the pump and the bottle is easy too because you can put it in the dishwasher and sterilise it in a Philips Avent steriliser.

The pump comes with a natural nipple and natural bottle. The pump comes with a collection container, which acts as a natural bottle and this prevents wastage of milk. There is also a natural nipple which makes transitioning from breast to bottle easy.


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