Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent Powder (1kg)

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  • Color safe
  • Gentle on clothes
  • Phosphate and fluorescent free
  • Kills 99. 9 percent bacteria
  • Environmental friendly

Product description

Size:1000 gm

Pigeon Powder Detergent is specially formulated with anti bacterial formula that kills 99.99% of bacteria on your baby's clothes and removing the most stubborn stains whilst being gentle on the fabric. It does not contain any phosphate and fluorescent and is safe on colored clothing.
Anti-bacterial; kills 99.99% bacteria
Superior product in removing dirt and stains
Dark out dirt and stains, conveniently and effortlessly
Removes odour from diaper
Effectively removes stubborn stains from clothes
Package: 1 kg. Removes stains effectively, safe on baby's skin, mild on hands and alcohol free. Gives superior cleaning effects, does not hurts the fabric or fades the color, manufactured from finest and purest ingredients.

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