Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent, Sunshine (1.2L)

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  • Natural formula alcohol free, mild formula - gentle on hands, phosphorus and fluorescent brighteners free, mild fragrance
  • It has 3 actions, cleans and brightens, colour protection, care for textile fibers
  • Suitable for cleaning cotton, linen, chemical fibre and blended materials such as clothing and textiles
  • It contains plant extracts which effectively cleans variety of stains on baby clothes (including milk, urine, potty stains)
  • It has been fortified with bacteria removal ingredients and plant sources hydrolysed wheat protein which can help ease the dark colors, fibre wear and tear caused by washing
  • Easy to rinse and easy to use mild fragrance leaves clothes smelling fresh

Pigeon laundry detergent is based on 3 actions- Cleans and Brightens, Colour Protection and Care for Textile fibers. Plant extracts effectively cleans variety of stains by protecting the fabric against wear and tear caused by washing.

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