R for Rabbit First Feed Comfort Electric Breast Pump - Most Safe and Comfortable Breast Pump for Mothers (Purple)

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Breast milk is the major element in baby’s growth and it develops immunity. Don’t let the child deprived of the mother’s milk while you are outdoors or when you are away from your baby, use R for Rabbit Breast Pumps to express the milk for your baby and let your baby have it when you are outdoors or when you are not present nearby. Our breast pumps are 100% BPA Free and are made to do the expression process the safest one. We have manual and electric based pumps to help you out in giving your child the necessary mother’s milk.

R for Rabbit First Feed Comfort Electric Breast Pump - Most Safe and Comfortable Breast Pump

We all know the importance of mother’s milk and how nutritious it is & plays a major role in child’s growth, but what if you are not available around your baby or going outdoors with your little one? R for Rabbit brings Smart Electric Breast Pump for the smart moms of today to keep their source of baby’s growth uninterrupted. R for Rabbit electric breast pumps technology is made to mimic the child’s suction pattern and its purely safe way to express the milk out. So, whether you are at work or going to attend any function or market, you can anytime carry the milk for your tiny tot.

Key Features:

  • Safety First – Designed to meet the highest safety standards and make the process smooth and easy. Made with material which is BPA Free.
  • Dual Mode - Massage Mode with 10 levels of massage mode to stimulate mother’s milk flow and Suction Mode 15 different levels to get slower but intense suction power
  • Anti-Back Flow System - With Anti back Flow for safe working and operates on 1.5s Bionic Frequency (Time between 2 suctions your baby to express the milk)
  • Comfortable – Designed to give the comfort of natural baby feeding style with 1.5s Bionic frequency
  • Easy to Use – No need to lean forward, its easily operable while mother sit in straight posture. Its battery (800 mAh) to use it anywhere and has a compact design to fit easily in your bag.
  • Digital Display – LED illuminated digital display to check the suction power and modes.
  • Comfy button - 4 comfy buttons to let you switch the modes and increase or decrease the suction power 

Kindly Note: The Product is Non Returnable, As per the hygiene clause