R for Rabbit First Feed Silicon Feeding Bottle 260 ml Anti Colic Feeding Bottle for Baby of 6 Month Plus (Blue)

Rs. 899.00 Regular price Rs. 999.00
  • Safety 1st Feeding Bottle: First Feed Silicon Feeding Bottles are made of BPA Free + Phthalate-Free silicone material which is absolutely safe for baby
  • Soft Silicon Bottle Body: Made with soft skin-like material which makes baby feel his/her mother close by and give a soothing, calming touch, and better grip while feeding
  • Feeding Bottle with High Adaption Rate: The soft silicone bottle is skin like material and the teat mimics breastfeeding, makes the child feel comfortable and easy to feed
  • Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle Design: 2 Smart Air Vent for smart flow which removes the unnecessary air intake for smooth milk flow and make feeding more comfortable
  • Feeding Bottle with Soft Teat: Super soft teat with flexible design to mimic the breastfeeding moment for baby and make the feeding time smoother. The teat is leakage-free /spill-proof which gives an extra advantage!