R for Rabbit Premium Bubble Baby Sipper Bottle 300 ml|10 fl oz|Anti Spill Sippy Cup with Soft Silicone Straw BPA Free & Non Toxic for Baby or Kids of 1 Year Plus (Yellow)

Rs. 396.00 Regular price Rs. 459.00
  • Safety 1st : The baby sipper is made of Poly Propylene material which is BPA Free and completely safe for the child
  • Leakage Free / Spill Proof: Uniquely designed weighted straw makes it spill-free and liquids can be dispensed at any angle giving more freedom to child.
  • Weighted Straw: No matter which way your munchkin chooses to tilt their head, this straw moves with them, ensuring that they can get liquid smoothly at any angle.
  • Flip Lid: Flip lid makes the sipper spill-proof, keeps the straw hygienic and makes the sipper travel friendly without spoiling your bag
  • Smooth handle: Child can hold the sipper with 2 handles and drink at any angle giving them more independence.