Rabitat Bamboo Swaddle Pamper Soft 47"x47" Rocket Love (Space Rocket)

Rs. 899.00 Regular price Rs. 999.00
  • Made with Bamboo - Bamboo is the softest natural fibers known to man, helps mimics the softness of mother's womb.
  • Antibacterial - Your Pamper Soft Swaddle has been extensively treated with antibacterial wash to provide for lasting odor control.
  • Chemical Free - The Pamper Soft Swaddle is manufactured with a simple thought, Your baby comes first. So no harsh chemicals or dyes, Ever!
  • Helps avoid scratching and suffocation - As babies hands are folded under the swaddle, it prevents them from scratching their own face or pulling the blanket over their face.
  • Keeps them warm - A swaddle wrap keeps the baby mildly warm as it allows for just enough ventilation for optimum air circulation.