RunBugz Vapour Patch for Children, 5 Patches, Pack of 1

Rs. 300.00
  • Each patch releases eucalyptus vapours for upto 8 hours, providing relief from cold symptoms, blocked nose, persistent cough and breathing difficulty caused by air pollution and pollen dust .
  • Patches are simply worn on clothing at chest height
  • How to use: Carefully remove the patch from the sachet and peel off the 3M backing. Apply the patch onto dry area of clothing at chest height
  • For ages 3 years and above
  • Feel clear and breathe easy

RunBugz Vapour Patches releases eucalyptus vapours for upto eight hours providing relief from nasal congestion and from air pollution symptoms. Unlike VapoRubs and other highly chemicalised products, RunBugz Vapour Patch helps your child feel clear and breathe easy without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Patches are to be worn at chest height and will continuously provide relief for the next eight hours. Once utilized gently remove the patch from clothing.

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