Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, GREY

Rs. 6,999.00 Regular price Rs. 7,999.00
Type: UBBI
  • SAVE MONEY - NO NEED TO BUY SPECIAL BAGS: No special bags, refills or inserts are required with the Ubbi diaper pail saving time and money unlike other pail on the market
  • MOST AWARD WINNING DIAPER PAIL: The Ubbi diaper pail won NINE awards proving parents and experts approval
  • STEEL LOCKS IN ODOR: Unlike plastic, steel is not porous and keeps the smell shielded inside
  • NO SPECIAL MECHANISM - SIMPLICITY WORKS BEST: Ready right out of the box, simple to use and not prone to breakage
  • CHILDPROOF LOCK: Keeps little hands from finding their way inside the Ubbi diaper pail

The Ubbi diaper pail is made of powder coated steel and rubber seals to prevent leaks and keep odors locked in. It can be used with any standard tall kitchen bag and is easy to load, use, empty, and clean. The Ubbi diaper pail's smooth oval shaped design allows it to fit into tight spaces and is available in eight colors to fit the decor of any nursery.

powder coated steel: does not absorb odors and is easy to clean
rubber seals: prevent leaks and keep odors locked in
innovative sliding lid: minimizes air disruption to prevent odors from escaping
childproof safety lock: prevents children from getting into the pail
regular tall kitchen bag fit: provides savings over pails that use expensive, hard-to-fin refills.